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Day of Atonement

Day of Atonement
Today I was teaching a 3rd grade class, and a little line of 1st graders came walking in with notes in their hands.
I was paying attention to the 3rd grader who had the floor at the time, and gave scant notice to these 3 little people handing me notes.
As it turns out, these little guys were sent by their teacher, who earlier had seen that I was on campus.  They were the three kids who had really bad behavior in a different class that I taught sometime in the week before Spring Break.
I had forgotten about their bad behavior about five minutes after it happened.  But kids remember everything, as I have said.
I turned their notes into little comics, because their apologies are really cute and funny.  Plus, if you read carefully you will see the middle note includes a sneaky conditional clause that allows that kid to “be goofy” when I’m NOT there.  A future lawyer?
You’ll be sure to notice their grammar mistakes.  Don’t forget that they’re six, though.  This is actually quite impressive for their age.
Forgive them – as I have! 🙂

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