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Duck Actually

duck actually
All you need is Duck.
As some of you know, I used to be an actor.  I’ve come out of retirement, fatter and hopefully funnier, to tell this important tale.  If you want to see Mister G act, now is your chance!
Matt Gaydos
Amy Biedel
Michael Olson
Suzanna Olson
Stuffed Ducky as Stuffed Ducky 1 & 2
Special Appearance by Matt Biedel as “Rick”
Written and Directed by:
Michael Olson


Like all the Mr. G comics, this one is based on a 100% real situation involving 100% real little kids.  But I wanted to change the names, and while I was at it I decided to make this one a little dedication to my friends Mike & Zan, who have been the biggest fans and supporters of this project since it was just a tiny idea in Zan’s head.  So this is them as little kids being cute and lovey.
Cheers, guys!

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