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Weekend Kids #7: Catching up with Rent Control

We last left our heroes in 2003 during the invasion of Iraq, when the Dow was at 9000, and Donald Rumsfeld revealed to us that bombs are for killing people.
Baby Bunny and Baby Lambie were, as always, making inane pop culture references and causing frowns of disapproval everywhere on the University of Pittsburgh campus…
(Rent Control was my college comic from 2001-2003, published daily in The Pitt News.  I miss these little guys.)

Weekend Kids #6: Piglet Gets His Face Punched In Again: Part 5

piglet beatdown 5
Starring Carter Brown.
See you tomorrow for your regularly scheduled comics!

Weekend Kids #5: Piglet Gets a Beatdown: Part 4

piglet beatdown 4
I made this short about 5 years ago.  Weekend Kids is supposed to be relaxing for all of us, so instead of drawing something new today, I’m posting this old chestnut because I’ll bet most of you have never seen it.  It counts as kid-related because these lovable Hundred Acre Woods characters are favorites with kids everywhere.
Some viewers outside of the US may not hear the soundtrack due to copyright issues on the music.  In that case, just hum something catchy.
This is Part 4 of the Piglet Gets His Face Punched In series.  I’ll post the sequel tomorrow.  Part Six is in development.  What happened to Parts 1-3? They are so obscure they almost don’t exist, so hipsters would love them.

Election 2012 Compromise

In 2008 a colleague’s son named Max Altschule was two.  He had a stuffed bunny.  An adult asked him, “Who are you voting for?” and Max replied, “Obama, but Bunny’s for McCain.”
This comic is inspired by that hilarious story.
Max is six now and no one knows who he’s voting for this year.
As always, if I use your idea in a comic I will give you the original.  Thanks Max, and enjoy your comic!



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