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Awards Train!

I’ve been nominated for four awards in the last few weeks, so I thought I’d consolidate everything here, at the risk of not following the guidelines, which I never do!  But first some thanks:
Thanks to Verba Mea Vita for the Thanks For Writing and the Versatile Blogger awards nomination!

Thanks to Nerd Musing for the One Lovely Blog award nomination!

Thanks to AdverseUniverse for the Kreativ Blogger award nomination!
I’m really excited that so many people are enjoying my comics.  Thank you!
So now I’d like to nominate some blogs, and I’m going to just nominate 6 for everything, because I’m too lazy to list 40 blogs! I hope it’s ok if I do this and that WordPress won’t explode from lack of rule-following.  I’m such a cheater! Ok, here they are:
1. The Blog of Funny Names
2. this is lemonade
4. Flying Weevil
5. Falar Ler Entender
6. Delightfully Peculiar
They’re all good.  Read them now!
Finally, instead of answering questions about myself, how ’bout I list some artists who’ve influenced the style on Mister G Kids:
Jim Henson
John Lennon
Dr. Seuss
E.H. Shepard
The Phantom Tollbooth (Jules Feiffer)

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