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Epic Friday: ¡Los Monstruitos – Vivan!

¿Ustedes creen yo no recuerdo mis monstruitos? ¡Ay, no!
I used some Crayola air-dry clay and acrylic paint (and toothpicks, and wire, and magic!) to bring a few tiny monsters to life!
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Epic Thursday: Reptile Basement

This is real!

Last week, a little first grade boy asked me this, for real for serious.  It might be because in California it’s common to have classes in bungalows on elevated foundations with a crawl space under them, and little boys have a nasty tendency to scare the crap out of their friends with made-up scary stuff that can’t be proven with evidence.  In any event, I checked in to make sure he was serious and he was dead serious.  I assured him there were no alligators, but I thought wouldn’t it be cool if there were?

I skipped Epic Friday last week, so I thought I’d pop this a little early this week.  Also, Pearl Paint is having a sale on Prismacolor Pencils and I have so many new colors now, I just had to try them all!!!

Weekend Kids #11: Generalisimo Gordisimo de Colores MOVES

I was looking at this character in yesterday’s post and laughing because I realized he probably couldn’t walk.  I set out to fix that today.

Epic Friday: ¡Los Monstruitos! Part 2: Camping on Planet 74-E!

Can you find all the friends?
Generalisimo Gordisimo de Colores, BLS-76, The letter “R,”  Trictopus, Candy Floss Bug, Boris J., BLS-76 Operators (2), Teddy, Trumpet Bug, Baby Bunny, The letter “k,” Count Von Elephant Von Rabbit Von Checkers, Referee Bird, and Ghost Lawyer.
Part 1 is here.

Epic Friday: ¡Los Monstruitos!

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