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I lie to children

I lie to children

You’re benched forever, you little liar

You're benched forever, you little liar
There are times when I observe a child doing something nasty to another child, I walk up to them and say, “Did you just do that?” and they say, “No.”
You get everything from the calm future psychopaths to the hysterical martyrs crying tears of guilt, but the refrain is always the same: “I didn’t DO anything!”
It makes our job very difficult.  Giving consequences to a guilty child convinced of his own innocence makes you die inside a little bit each time you have to bench them or send them to the principal.

Invisible Trash

Invisible Trash
Kids who don’t want to do their work will find any excuse to get up and walk around the classroom.  This is one of the classic ploys.

How Long Does it Take to Get Out a Pencil?!


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