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I’ll be honest with you

I'll be honest with you

“Carpet beetles eat carpets”

Carpet beetles eat carpets
While it’s true carpet beetles do damage to carpets and other fabrics, the way the little 5-year-old girl told me this, she seemed to suggest that they eat them all at once!  She was also one of the cutest little human beings ever, which made this all the more precious and funny.
This is another in a series of my imagining the things kids think are true.

Epic Friday: 3 Kinds of Nasty

Weekend Kids #11: Generalisimo Gordisimo de Colores MOVES

I was looking at this character in yesterday’s post and laughing because I realized he probably couldn’t walk.  I set out to fix that today.

Epic Friday: ¡Los Monstruitos! Part 2: Camping on Planet 74-E!

Can you find all the friends?
Generalisimo Gordisimo de Colores, BLS-76, The letter “R,”  Trictopus, Candy Floss Bug, Boris J., BLS-76 Operators (2), Teddy, Trumpet Bug, Baby Bunny, The letter “k,” Count Von Elephant Von Rabbit Von Checkers, Referee Bird, and Ghost Lawyer.
Part 1 is here.

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