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Weekend Kids #9: Lazy Since 1986

This is a worksheet from my late elementary years (3rd to 5th grade), somewhere between 1985-1987.
As you can see, I was taking shortcuts even then.  But I’m glad I found this, because sometimes talented kids do the sloppiest, slipshod garbage, and when I ask why they’re not doing their best work, or not using their crayons when instructed to color, their answer is usually, “I don’t want to.”
On reflection, that’s a pretty good reason.  As an adult, coloring is something fun for me.  It’s why I make a comic.  But to a kid, crayons are a way of life.  Sometimes they just want a break, and it’s hard to force a kid to have a good time, just because that’s my perception of how coloring should be.
I guess I “didn’t want to” draw a nice picture that day.  Sorry, Ms. James.

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