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A realistic look at my personal food groups

My Personal Food Groups
I’ve wanted to do this for a couple reasons.
First, kids in school learn about nutrition.  As a good teacher, I naturally tell them to eat their vegetables and exercise.  There are activites and coloring pages for learning about good food, and projects like this one where you make your own food pyramid or something.
But I don’t practice what I preach.  I tell kids I eat pizza, but only in moderation.  That is simply a lie.  Here you see that pizza is at the very center of my chart, just as it is at the very center of my life.
Some smart kids must look at my belly and do the math and know that I don’t just eat broccoli and chicken and rice and exercise 30 minutes a day.  But only a few are brave enough to bring it up – see here for that.
The other reason I’ve wanted to do this was for my own curiosity.  I’ve long believed that most of my food intake can be built around 3 things: cows, wheat, and tomatoes.  But once I started putting this to paper, it quickly spiraled out of control and I simply had to add other basics.
Call it a first draft.

If Kids’ Answers Came True

General, So


Jesus Christ: Part 2

Part One is here.  Part Three is here.  Credit goes to Jean-Michel Basquiat for inspiring the layout on this one.

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