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A genuine smile

A genuine smile

Uncle Denny at a funeral home

Uncle Denny at a funeral home

And a bonus comic! From the archives – “Surprise”
surprise web

Long ago, my Uncle Denny gave me my first hint that jobs suck

Long ago my Uncle Denny gave me my first clue why jobs suck

Dad gives me a self-esteem boost

Dad gives me a self-esteem boost

Top 10

top 10
Mister G Kids already has a featured sidebar called “All-time Favorites”  This is a pretty useful tool for finding some good stuff quickly, but it’s based only on likes generated by WordPress users and visitors who are willing to sign in or create an account.
However, my comic relies on traffic from lots of other places.  This is a list of the 10 comics with the most views from ALL sources – Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, browser searches, link referrals, and random accidents of the fabric of space-time that send you hurtling here through a wormhole.
Some of these comics have a little story or explanation to go with them.  If you’d like to see that, you can click the comic or the title.
This list may change over time as the number of views changes.  I’ll do my best to keep it updated.  Enjoy!


This usually sinks in around 9:30 a.m.

This Usually Sinks in around 930 am


The Resilience of Children

The Resilience of Children



artists frame





How do I respond to that?

How do I respond to that





It shrinks in the wash

It Shrinks in the Wash


This kid does not actually look like a Jawa

this kid does not actually look like a jawa


A malapropism in context

A malapropism in context


Pronounced və-GHEE-nuh, no one notices

When pronounced with a Hard G apparently no one notices

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