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Epic Friday: ¡Los Monstruitos – Vivan!

¿Ustedes creen yo no recuerdo mis monstruitos? ¡Ay, no!
I used some Crayola air-dry clay and acrylic paint (and toothpicks, and wire, and magic!) to bring a few tiny monsters to life!
See my Los Monstruitos comics here, herehere, here, and here!

I Speak Spanish, I’m Four, and I Know This

Dentist: Part 2

Part 1 is here.

The Right to Bear Legos

Puppy or Princess?

The first weekend of Weekend Kids went smoothly – it was just a fun little stopover for anyone passing by, and it was relaxing for me to post something simple for a couple of days.  Thanks for checking it out!
Now it’s back to your regularly scheduled Mister G Kids, today en Español and featuring another piece of real kid artwork, like I did in Ninjas!

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