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Kate Topless Pics – 1983


Weekend Kids #9: Lazy Since 1986

This is a worksheet from my late elementary years (3rd to 5th grade), somewhere between 1985-1987.
As you can see, I was taking shortcuts even then.  But I’m glad I found this, because sometimes talented kids do the sloppiest, slipshod garbage, and when I ask why they’re not doing their best work, or not using their crayons when instructed to color, their answer is usually, “I don’t want to.”
On reflection, that’s a pretty good reason.  As an adult, coloring is something fun for me.  It’s why I make a comic.  But to a kid, crayons are a way of life.  Sometimes they just want a break, and it’s hard to force a kid to have a good time, just because that’s my perception of how coloring should be.
I guess I “didn’t want to” draw a nice picture that day.  Sorry, Ms. James.

Catherine’s Imaginary Friend

My little sister Catherine was thrilled about last week’s eagle ride.  She reminded me that she had an imaginary friend named Garvin.  This is us circa 1985.

Happy Father’s Day!

When I was young, my Dad would tell me stories about Nyla & Jimmy – a little boy and a little girl who lived in a treehouse and had lots of fun adventures.  The story I loved the most was about a great eagle who came to take them on a fantastic journey.
When I started thinking about Nyla & Jimmy again a few days ago I realized that I always imagined Jimmy to be me and Nyla to be my little sister Catherine.  So this is my drawing of that story from all those years ago!
Happy Fathers Day, Dad! I love you and thanks for helping me use my imagination!
To help you know this is me in the 80s, I put Ronald Reagan on the eagle too.

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