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Yes, it’s been ages since you’ve seen a new Mister G kids comic.  And I can’t tell you when they’ll be back because I’m not sure yet.

I am sure, however, that it’s time to tell you about the super secret Boozenose project I was working on over the winter, which ended in a bust.  And I’m ready to share the drawings with you now in case they never see the light of day.

In case you don’t know, almost 10 years ago I started an infrequently updated webcomic called Boozenose the Clown that I created with my writer collaborator Evan Zes.  We had always toyed with the idea of some kind of animated show or movie, and for years the idea was on a slow boil with the occasional burst of steam.

Finally in the early winter of 2013-2014, during a long bout of depression and unemployment, Evan got off the phone with the suicide hotline and sat down and banged out a pilot, 3 follow-on episodes, and an outline for the rest of season 1 of an animated TV series.  I did a bunch of drawings to go with the presentation.  He brought on another writer, did read-thrus, went through all his old contacts, did meetings, blah blah blah.

The animated series was generating lots of excitement, we had some great meetings and contacts lined up, and finally had a meeting scheduled with the Netflix VP of development in March.  It was cancelled at the last minute.

Only days later a friend at Disney pointed out to us that Netflix was producing a show about a washed-up actor with alcohol and woman problems whose glory days are behind him.  Except it was a talking horse instead of a clown.

Only God knows what kind of chance we had, or how many scripts about washed-up actors with foul mouths Netflix were looking at.  In any event it was a bummer, we all went back into therapy, and the show is back in cryogenic freeze.

Anyway, that’s showbiz.  Enjoy the drawings!

Dad gives me a self-esteem boost

Dad gives me a self-esteem boost

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Fat Chinese twins in coach


Fat Chinese twins in coach
True story.
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Yearly physical

Yearly physical_

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