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If our technology looked like the app icon – Part 1

If our tech looked like the app icon - Part 1

Tackle Hug

Tackle Hug
This is the comic with the girl from Bear Hat and some new animal hat kids I was planning with these sketches.
I didn’t want to commit to it until I finished, because it took a long time – I hope you enjoy it!

Animal hats

…not a new comic, just some sketches I’m working on.
Lots of you enjoyed the Bear Hat comic from last week so I wanted to explore some other funny animal hats that kids wear because they’re just so silly and cute.
animal hats
Who knows if this will ever make it into a comic, but it helps clear my procrastinating conscience to show you something.

An army of one

An army of one

“Boozenose the Clown” appears in collaboration with Evan Zes

I lie to children

I lie to children

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