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Back to School!

Yesterday was the first day of school in my district.  As a sub, the first few days are usually very light on work because teachers are quite good about not missing work.  However, yesterday I opened a class for the first time ever on the first day of school.  That means I had to do all the administrative stuff the real teacher would do on the first day of school: meeting parents, assuring kids they don’t need to cry about looking at a bearded stranger who was not the female teacher they were expecting, new books, materials, rosters, safety and behavior standards, setting the tone, and on and on…  That blew my mind, and I was so tired I didn’t draw a comic.  Sorry all.

But yay! This comic is the FIRST to contain new material from the 2012-2013 school year.

But, a word about the future: school is back in session.  There are pros and cons.

PROS: New material! The freshest, newest, funniest material will rise to the top of the heap and you will laugh more than ever.

CONS: I’m tired.  The artwork might be sloppier because I’ve lost the luxury of time I enjoyed all summer.  Also, I may have to pull the plug on Weekend Kids depending on how tired I am.

Conclusion: I’m gonna try to keep the regular schedule going.  Let’s play it by ear.  Until then, go hock up some loogies!

Weekend Kids #9: Lazy Since 1986

This is a worksheet from my late elementary years (3rd to 5th grade), somewhere between 1985-1987.
As you can see, I was taking shortcuts even then.  But I’m glad I found this, because sometimes talented kids do the sloppiest, slipshod garbage, and when I ask why they’re not doing their best work, or not using their crayons when instructed to color, their answer is usually, “I don’t want to.”
On reflection, that’s a pretty good reason.  As an adult, coloring is something fun for me.  It’s why I make a comic.  But to a kid, crayons are a way of life.  Sometimes they just want a break, and it’s hard to force a kid to have a good time, just because that’s my perception of how coloring should be.
I guess I “didn’t want to” draw a nice picture that day.  Sorry, Ms. James.

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