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Making Heaven Part 1

A friend was hanging out this afternoon while I made today’s comic Heaven Part 1 and took some impromptu snaps.  It’s fun if you want to see a bit of how I do it.
photos: Eunice Olsen

Four Posts in July!

I never re-blog from my other blog, but my co-blogger Mike Newman over here at My Black Dad has outdone himself and created a career-defining work of genius.

My Black Dad

For my fourth and final post this month, here’s a celebration of all things My Black Dad. I’m on the left, boldly punching a swan in the face. (No idea.) To my left is a nod to one of Matt’s greatest creations, and one that still makes me laugh. (That’s really all I can say about that except, “Thank you, Matt.”) Next over is our biggest – and most gloriously pregnant – fan. (I put a bird on that one – thank you for all your support, Jen!) And all the way to the right is Matt, swinging his leg into the crotch of a raccoon. (Again, no idea.) This blog is a home for all things wonderful and absurd and maybe just a little offensive, and I’m very happy to be a part of it!

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Thank You Followers & Friends!

June 28 was my best day of Likes and Follows on Mister G Kids since its inception in March 2012! I am in the process of going through the list to thank all of you individually and to check out your work on your blogs, but right now I just wanna’ give you all a huge THANKS for checking out my comics, and coming back for more!
Please let me extend a gigantic thanks and a hug to my WordPress community of followers and readers, my Facebook friends, and my Twitter & Tumblr followers.  It means a lot to me, and it’s why I keep posting every day – for you!
Thank you to all the readers who wander blindly this way from Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Digg – I hope you are not disappointed when you get here and I apologize if you feel like I am spamming you! I totally respect your decision to vote down a comic that you think is crap, but please vote up if it makes you laugh!
Thanks to Ash and Norah at The Webcomics List for their great aggregate site of webcomics.  I’ve been listing with them for years with Boozenose the Clown (with Evan Zes), Rent Control, and THIS F*CKING BUSINESS.
I want to give a special thanks to my “cabinet” – my closest group of confidantes and the original supporters of the comic before it even existed: Zan & Mike Olson, Caitlin Muelder & Scott Ferrarra, and Tim, Tess & Paolo Murphy.  I love you guys!
Thank you to Mike Newman, with whom I do the responsorial collaborative art blog My Black Dad.  I can’t imagine doing a partner blog with anyone else but Mike.  He’s an amazing artist and a GOOd friend.  Mister G Kids originally launched as a trial balloon on My Black Dad, and I chose to go ahead with MGK due to the response on MBD.  So there would be no MGK without MBD or Mike.  Thanks, man.  And thanks acronyms.
Finally, I absolutely need to thank WordPress mates Nonoymanga, Aaron the Ogre, K. Ryan Henisey, and Lamberta, who click “Like” before they even read the comic, and thisislemonade and Theresa Felton Cain, both of whom always enjoy and support my work even when it sucks, and always put a positive spin on it to cheer me up.  If I ever run for office, I will be hiring you two.
Thank you to all of you!
To all my passive-agressive insecure actor friends: Yes, that’s correct.  If I didn’t thank you, it means I hate you.  Tell your therapist.
And to all my really smart, cynical friends: You are also correct, this has just been a massive advertisment for everything I do disguised as gratitute.
While I have your attention, I want to announce that, at least for the summer while I am not teaching, I am going to start posting things on Saturday and Sunday.  Since the weekend is a crapshoot in terms of eyeballs on screens, I’m gonna treat it as a fun thing and a lark.  To wit, the posts MIGHT be Mister G Kids comics, but I have some other ideas as well – random posts, sketches and studies, a new comic from Rent Control or Boozenose, or even a comic where you get to write the caption! The idea is that lots of folks don’t read blogs on the weekend because they are relaxing and not at work (as it should be!) so it will only be for the coffee-nursing folks who wanna pop by for a curious look, or the truly hapless who accidentally click by during a hangover.  The idea is that weekend comics will NOT be an essential episode in the Mister G Kids universe, so if you miss it, life will still go on! 🙂
Thank you one more time! Love, Matt

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