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Epic Friday: Epically Un-Epic + Cat

Last week’s post was so epic I wanted to counterbalance it with something a lot less epic.  Also school starts next week and I am already tired thinking about it!

Epic Friday: ¡Los Monstruitos! Part 2: Camping on Planet 74-E!

Can you find all the friends?
Generalisimo Gordisimo de Colores, BLS-76, The letter “R,”  Trictopus, Candy Floss Bug, Boris J., BLS-76 Operators (2), Teddy, Trumpet Bug, Baby Bunny, The letter “k,” Count Von Elephant Von Rabbit Von Checkers, Referee Bird, and Ghost Lawyer.
Part 1 is here.

Epic Friday: ¡Los Monstruitos!

Epic Friday: Teddy is Taking me to School Today

It’s Epic Friday! These days can be for fantasy comics or child-like wish fulfillment.  So today I wanted to draw a picture of something really cool – my childhood teddy bear growing giant and carrying me to school! (Actually this is a hybrid of my bear and my brother Mark’s bear.  His bear had a round body like this, but stubby legs.  My bear had long limbs, but a beat-up not-so-cute face.  So I took the best of both bears.)
Yes, that is a Crayola Crayon sky! It’s a color called “robin’s egg blue” from the 120-pack.  Back in my day, the alternatives to blue were cornflower and periwinkle, both of which sucked.  Today’s kids: you are lucky!
Have a great weekend, everybody! See you tomorrow for Weekend Kids #5!

Epic Friday: Matt & Brian #1: Dictionaries

It’s Epic Friday! Fridays are for something special that takes more time to draw.  Enjoy!
This is the first in a series about me and my life-long best friend Brian.
I will neither confirm nor deny that any of these things ever happened.
It is said we took a pee in a couple of dictionaries under the letter “P” in the Hickory Elementary School Library.  If such a thing really happened, this is what it might have looked like.

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