Peep: Part 2

Peep Part 2
Part 1 is here.

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2 responses to “Peep: Part 2

  • this is lemonade

    Oh no Mr G, confession time. This is super cute, and yet it is the reason why I cannot work with preschool-early years children en masse. This and pooping yourself… Because isn’t it sod’s law that it’s not just this little one that peeped her pants that day? Oh and some days, children not wearing shoes on the right feet does my head in. One child in such a predicament is cute, two is a crisis lol.
    That’s as far as today’s confession is going 😛


    • Matt Gajdoš

      Someday you might tell me your name too. It’s all perception. Simultaneous crises are actually sequential challenges if you can breath deeply and feel time slowing down. It works for me. And this little girl was in 2nd grade so I was able to send her to the nurse to call her mom for new clothes – no sweat! 🙂


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