A bit of a return to form to the classic Mister G Kids comics for those of you who are sick of vomit and vampires.  This little boy made his debut last week talking about soda.  You may be seeing more of him, but look closely because he is so small!

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I'm a cartoonist and elementary substitute teacher. Kids make me laugh and inspire me to be like them. View all posts by Matt Gajdoš

2 responses to “Doctor

  • this is lemonade

    Yay! I was just doing my rounds checking on my favourite bloggers as my eyes were hungry from lack of feasting on cheery things 😛 Good to find that you’ve had some time to doodle some cuteness. This little guy is awesome. I hope work is not too awful, been missing the cartoons but more importantly, hoping that you’re well.


    • Matt Gajdoš

      Thank you so much. I’ve pulled back a bit because I was exhausted and compounding not enough sleep, not enough exercise, you name it. So, I’m back today! Glad you like this little guy! Thanks for thinking about me. 🙂


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