Epic Friday: Left-Handed Comic

It’s Epic Friday! I have an epic cramp in my left arm! That’s because I drew today’s comic with my left hand!
I was inspired by this webcomic by Drew Mokris that I found on reddit today.  It brought me way back to my high school days when our art teacher Mr. Delach instructed us to draw stuff with our non-dominant hand when he ran out of lesson plans.  If you’ve never tried it, it’s pretty crazy.  It’s great stimulation for your brain, kind of like folding your laundry with your toes if you’ve ever tried that, but it gives me a temporary cognitive smackdown.
To wit, today while I was finishing the comic, I put last night’s dinner on the stove to re-heat.  Two minutes later I started to freak out that someone was making noise in my kitchen because I didn’t remember that I had put food on the stove.  This effect wears off pretty fast, but if you’re into that sort of thing, it’s cheaper and safer than huffing glue.  I’m not sure exactly what happens in the brain, but I imagine it’s like that part in Smokey and The Bandit II when they have to shake Burt Reynolds awake from under a pile of beer cans and try to revive him to drive his Trans Am once more on an epic quest.
As for the comic itself, this is one of my all time favorite quotes.  It’s from a pre-kinder – so, a four-year-old – and it’s so sweet and thoughtful.  I’ve dreaded drawing this comic because I knew it would take a long frickin’ time to draw it the way I envisioned it in my mind.  So the left-handed thing gave me an excuse to be much more expressive and sloppy with it and stop procrastinating on getting it done.
Can you guess where I teach from my photorealistic depiction of the city skyline?

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11 responses to “Epic Friday: Left-Handed Comic

  • nonoymanga

    Mr. G Epic!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga


  • shavenwookiee

    You drew that with your left hand???? Maaaaaaan, it’s still better than my drawing? *Sulks*


  • thisislemonade

    I find using my left hand on a black/white board comes up great. I haven’t done much drawing that way, but my handwriting comes out pretty cool 🙂 Don’t know if you use one in your line of work…looks like you have much more fun using paints, crayons and the like 🙂
    Cool pic. No idea where it is, but if you’re teaching in the shadow of palm trees and mountains…awesome!


    • Matt

      Don’t have one but sounds cool! I don’t use paint, but I go for a painterly look, so glad you said that 🙂 I use colored pencils and ink mostly, but also blend with 6B, 4B, and 4H pencils and an occasional crayola crayon. i like paint but i have trouble controlling it. also the tools i use allow me to do my comics relatively fast.
      Thanks as always for your thoughtful comments ! 🙂


      • thisislemonade

        Seeing how you use crayons and coloured pencils has really inspired me. I haven’t used crayons since school! They tend to be seen somehow as only appropriate to children – I don’t remember there even being any in the art room in secondary/high school. They are really appropriate to the style and feel of the comic. Go Crayola! 😛


        • Matt

          I’ve always been a believer in crayons. They give you fast wide coverage like pastels, but they’re not nearly as messy.

          I remember doing an art project in high school in crayons. Admittedly, I was being a smartass, and I got an “F” on it, and it was not very good. But that was the beginning of my decision to think of crayons a legit medium for adults. I’ll see if I can find that picture, lol!


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